Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Under Tighnabruaich pier....

This is a special post for DirtyBoy Roger. He said in an interview that one of his biggest turn ons is to have a girl go down on him... and to have sex outdoors with the risk of being caught! So this one is for you, Roger.

We are walking by the water at Tighnabruaich, an idyllic village in the west of Scotland. Summer is finally here and the temperature is pleasant. It's a moonlit night, the waves are lapping on the shore. You stop and kiss me. Our tongues mesh. I am horny. Very horny. My pussy is wet. I want you. Now. I can't wait. We have reached the old wooden pier. The tide is out. I break away and run down onto the rocky beach and under the pier. You follow me. The smell of seaweed is strong. We move back into the shadows. Again, we embrace, kissing deeply. Your arms encircle me. Your hands cup my breasts, feeling my nipples harden through the thin fabric, then wander across my bottom, feeling my curves through my thin summer dress. I am so horny. My hand runs down your shirt, over your jeans, till I feel your cock through the material. I rub it, feeling the bulge grow larger. "I want you. Now. In my mouth. I want to taste your cock. I am so fuckin' horny. I want you to come in my mouth so I can taste your sperm.", I whisper. You grin with anticipation. I drop to my knees, undo your belt and zipper, pulling your jeans down to your knees. You are not wearing underwear, you naughty boy. Your cock and balls are revealed, your dick already half erect. Your penis is not circumcised, the foreskin is still covering the head. I take it in my mouth, your penis grows harder, the foreskin retracts, I run my tongue along the underside, around the sensitive head. It tastes sweaty, manly. I slide more of you into my mouth, holding the base of your cock with my fingers, playing with your balls, running my fingers through the thick curls of hair. You are moaning softly, appreciatively. Your hands now on my hair, pulling me to you. I feel your cock hitting the back of my throat, then withdrawing. My lips are on your body now, buried in your thick pubic hair. Your hands gently pull my head back and forth as you fuck my face, the rhythm getting faster. My hand moves under my dress. I'm pulling aside my panties, dipping a finger in my pussy, feeling the wetness. I'm rubbing my clit as my mouth services your cock. You fill my mouth with your hardness. I breathe through my nose. Now I have two fingers inside of me, my god I am wet. You are fucking my mouth more urgently now. I rub my clit harder, faster as I suck your cock. My other hand is playing with that sensitive area behind your balls, my finger occasionally brushing your puckered anus. I feel a shiver go through you as I touch it. I look up, your expression of near ecstasy tells me you are close to coming, your breathing is faster, and I suck you deep into my mouth. I have three fingers inside my cunt. I want to taste your come. Now. I jam my finger in your arsehole, pressing hard. You start to come, the first spurt hits the back of my throat, I swallow some, then another spurt fills my mouth. Your hands release my hair. I keep sucking, I want every last drop of your come. I frig myself hard, my mouth full of come, my knees raw from the rocks. You drop to your knees and kiss me. As your tongue reaches into my mouth and tastes your sperm, I reach my own orgasm, my legs trembling. I sink back on my haunches, exhausted. Suddenly we hear footsteps above us. Someone is on the pier. A flashlight shines through the gaps in the boards. Our secret tryst has been discovered. I hear a voice giggle "Looks like a couple going at it. Check out the show!" We don't want to be identified. Quickly you stand up, pulling up your pants. I jump up too, pull down my dress, and we run off along the shore into the shadows of the night, our passion satisfied.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Moonlight mating at Portavadie marina

It's cold and dark. We are standing on the dock outside the restaurant, gazing across the Portavadie marina, the wind is blowing. I have only a thin sweater on. My nipples are hard. You stand behind me, your arms around me, you are kissing my cheek, and your hands are roaming inside my sweater. Further up, your fingers reach my breasts, and come in contact with my perky nipples. I feel your hardness growing in your jeans, pressing into my bottom. There is another couple a few yards away, watching you fondle my small, firm tits. They smile and turn away, giving us privacy. I turn around and kiss you on the lips. "I want you, now" I whisper. A grin passes over your face. You have an idea. You have the combination to a friend's yacht. A few minutes drive around the marina and we are there. You grab a flashlight from the glove box and then we head down the ramp to the dock. You stop by a large sailboat, must be 50 feet, beautiful wood trim. We climb on board. There are no lights, the hatches are closed. I hold the flashlight, you undo the padlock. The hatch opens and we climb down the companionway. It's dark in the cabin. It is stuffy, smells a bit damp. You lead me through a door into the aft cabin. It has large galleon-style windows in the stern, and the moonlight is streaming in. There's a large double berth. You take me in your arms and kiss me. I'm impatient to fuck, I've been thinking it since you first touched my nipples across the marina. I start unbuttoning your shirt, pulling it off, running my hands across your well defined, muscular torso. I undo your belt, and pull your jeans down. You are wearing boxers, and there is a tent pole sticking out, so I know you want it as much as I do. I slide my hand inside, feeling your hardness, fondling your balls. I pull down your shorts with my other hand, exposing your cock in the moonlight. I push you backwards onto the berth. It's high off the floor, ideal for me to take your cock in my mouth. So I do. You have a nice size cock, thick, not circumcised. I slowly take it in my mouth, little my little till my lips are buried in your pubic hair. Slowly I withdraw, then once more envelop your hardness in my greedy mouth. You groan as my tongue dances along your shaft. My hand fondles your balls gently. My finger brushes your anus and I feel you shiver. Your hands gently run through my hair as I suck you, I know you want to fuck my face hard but you are such a gentleman, you restrain yourself. "Come up here", you ask. I hop up on the berth and kiss you. You grab my sweater and pull it over my head. I am braless, my nipples are hard, you caress my breasts, taking a nipple in your mouth. I am impatient and undo my jeans. They are skintight and hard to remove, so you oblige, pulling them down. All I have left is a tiny thong. You look admiringly at my hard, tight, naked young body in the moonlight. You bury your face in my crotch, and with your teeth, you manage to remove my thong, exposing my pussy. I shaved just for you, but left some hair above my slit. You spread my legs and dive in, I am very wet, your tongue snakes across my clit, opening my lips and sliding inside me. I moan appreciatively, pushing my pussy into your face. You are good, your tongue gets all the right spaces, and soon I am squirming and moaning, I am so excited that I am ready to come right away. Oooooohhhhh.... Yes, I am coming, don't stop, please, bite my clit, keep doing it... I feel your fingers sliding inside me, it feels good, then you pull out and apply pressure to my anus, continuing to lick me, it feels so good. As you coat my anus with my juices, you suck my clit into your mouth, then your finger invades my arsehole and I come again, suddenly. "Fuck me now, I need you inside me, please..." You slide off the berth and pull me to you, my arse is on the edge of the berth and you are able to enter me at just the right height... Holding my hips firmly , your cock enters my pussy and you start to fuck me hard. It feels so good... You are so hard... Your balls slapping against my arse as you pound my pussy. I feel the boat rocking with the motion. I start to rub my clit as you fuck me, and soon I am coming again. You lean over and kiss me. "Come up on the bed beside me, please" I say. You have not come yet, I want to give you a treat. "Please fuck me in the arse. I want you to spurt your cum deep in my bottom". I turn on my side, you lay behind me. "I have some lube in my purse, hold on..." I reach for my purse and find the small tube of lube that I carry for such occasions... You take it and squirt some on your fingers and begin to massage my arsehole with it. First one finger pushes against my sphincter, sliding inside me. Then I feel two fingers inside me. It feels so good. "I 'm ready, I want your cock in my arsehole, now!" I feel your hardness at my rear opening, pushing gently. Initially my arse rejects the intrusion, then opens up to allow your cock to slide in. Slowly you enter me. I feel as inch my inch your cock passes through the tight muscle. It hurts a bit, your cock is thick. "Some more lube, please," I ask. You withdraw your cock and I feel the cold slippery stuff being applied to your cock and my anus. The once again your cock pushes inside me, this time it's easier, it feels good. "OK, I'm OK, fuck me please". You start to fuck me, it's better now, it feels good, I can take it. I roll over onto my stomach, so you can give it to me hard. I feel your cock hit bottom, your big balls now slapping my pussy. I like the feeling as your cock invades my arse, stretching me. Your pace is harder now, you are breathing hard, fucking my arse. My arm is underneath me, I have my fingers rubbing my pussy, sliding inside me, I feel your cock just a fraction of an inch away inside my rectum. I fantasize about being double penetrated as you fuck me. Perhaps another time... Now you are ready to come, I can feel you. Come on now, I am going to come with you, please spurt your hot come inside me, I want it, do it, fuck my arse hard!" You oblige, I feel you spurt inside me as my cunt starts to spasm. You are still pounding inside my arse, and I'm coming hard, my thighs are trembling as a powerful orgasm washes through me.

Your cock is softening, you pull out of my arsehole with a plop. You hold me from behind, whispering in my ear "Wow, you surprised me, I didn't think you would be the one to ask for anal sex, you are a wild, wonderful lover! I always thought you were the demure type but you like it hard and nasty, don't you?", you grin. "Yes, I like it rough and hot sometimes, " I smiled slyly. He doesn't know the half of it....

Friday, August 29, 2008

a dear john letter

I recent came across this new blog Dreaming of my Sexy Girlfriend

And as I am a bit of a dreamer myself, I thought I should share. It has some stories that excite me. So I encourage you to visit and tell the author you like his stuff!

Dear John:

I just wanted to write to you and thank you for not having sex with SexyOne for such a long time. Because you left her in an exceedingly horny state. John, I can't believe you could be living under the same roof as this sexpot and not fuck her at least twice a day. I have never had a woman with such a sexual appetite. And her willingness to do anything at all in bed is awesome. The way she sucks my cock is something else. And how appreciative she is when I lick her pussy. She even likes me to lick her asshole, to finger it, my goodness she gets excited. I love the things she wrote to me in emails. Unbelievably bold. Did she ever write stuff life that to you, John? Have you read the blog yet? She even gave me a blow job in the parking lot, she is shameless! We had sex on the beach too... John, do you know I fucked her ass? She just turned over, pointed her ass in the air, and said, "Fuck me in the ass, BC". Just like that. Did you ever try that, John? It was awesome. Her ass is so tight, gripping my cock like a vice, I had a dildo in her pussy too, she was so wet, she left a pool of her juices in the bed. She screamed so loud when she came it scared the crap out of my dog!

So John, thank you. I appreciate what you have done for me. So, please leave the house now. For your own peace of mind. I don't want her screaming and moaning when she comes loudly with my dick in her ass to keep you awake at night.


Reproduced with permission of author.

Read more posts like this at Dreaming of my Sexy Girlfriend

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year

It's been a while since I posted here. No kidding. D'ya think this blog is over? For now, anyway. But I am going to leave the posts up and who knows, I may be back. Best wishes to al my readers for a happy, healthy, prosperous and sexually enjoyable new year!


Monday, September 03, 2007

The Threesome - part 1

It all started innocently enough. I needed some help with my iBook, it was crashing and freezing, so I logged on to our local Macintosh user group list to request a solution to my dilemma. Someone called Charlie responded, I'd heard his name but never met him. He was very knowledgeable. We emailed back and forth, him asking questions and making suggestions. Me trying things - delete this, reinstall that, zap the PRAM. Eventually I asked him if he could come make a house call and fix it for me. We set a time for later that day.

Charlie showed up, carrying two large bags of tools and parts. In his 50s, quite handsome, not bad shape for his age, and a great sense of humor. We hit it off quickly. He set to work. After an hour he had my baby humming again. While testing, he noted my large collection of adult blogging URLs. I blushed, and he apologized. "No', it's OK," I said, "it's a part of me. I love to read and write about sex. That is, when I'm not having it!" As I said it, I looked directly at him. "Charlie, when was the last time you had sex? I mean, great sex?"

"Well," he replied, "actually, last night. I have a very horny wife. Like me, she's in her 50s too, but she looks great, keeps herself in shape, and loves to fuck. We've been married 20 years and have sex almost every day!" I smiled widely, imagining him naked and frolicking with his wife. He opened his wallet and showed me a photo of her. She was hot! "Glad to hear that you've been blessed with a sexy woman, Charlie. Not many men have your luck. Tell me, have you ever had a threesome? I mean, with another woman?"

Now it was Charlie's turn to blush. "No, can't say we have. We've talked about it. And we've watched a lot of videos. It's one of our fantasies. But we've never done it. Never found the right woman."

Well, I knew this was my opportunity. So I invited Charlie and his wife to come over for dinner the following weekend. "You can talk about it with your wife. If she feels like playing, and after we've had a drink, loosened up and have gotten to know each other, if she still feels like it, then we will see what happens." So, that's how it started. Charlie packed up his tools, fumbling, I could tell he was a little un-nerved, but excited. I decided to give him a taste of things to come. I pulled him close, and kissed him. Then I ran my hand down his jeans, and felt his cock. I rubbed it through the material, feeling it stiffening. Then I stepped back, and said, "Look, just so you know what's for dessert ..." I pulled off my shirt, revealing my small tits in a skimpy bra. I un-snapped my bra and exposed my boobs, my nipped stiff and perky. "Do you think your wife will like them? Do you think she will want to touch them, lick them? Will she let me go down on her, tongue her clit till she comes? Because I want to. I reeeally want to. "

To be continued...

Saturday, June 09, 2007

For jigsaw lovers

I've been taking a break from blogging, but there are lots of good stories to read, please check my archives. Meantime, I found this cute site that creates jigsaws from any any image. Could not figure how to enbded directly into Blogger so it opens in another window. Here's a smutty jigsaw to keep you occupied.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Dear Dad, I miss you....

It's been almost a month to the day and I haven't blogged. I've had a few ideas for stories, but to tell you the truth I just have not been feeling very sexy this month, so the stories have not got from mind to computer. A combination of overwork, medications and the blahs. So, my apologies to you, dear readers, for failing to titillate. Luckily, the blogosphere is rampant with other writers eager to excite you!

If my computer gives me trouble, I shoot an email to my local Mac user group listserv and lots of suggestions come back in minutes of things to try, and one of them is usually dead on. But for life issues, I am not sure where to turn, so I've been seeking some professional help which hopefully will resolve these issues. But it takes time.

I sure miss my Dad who passed on ten years ago, he could always be relied on for sage advice in matters of life. Wish you were here today, Dad....